Jesus, Mary and Joe Cocker
Episode no. Season 1

Episode 3

Written by Todd A. Kessler

Glenn Kessler

Daniel Zelman

Directed by John David Coles
Original airdate August 7, 2007

Patty is in a race against time to submit documentation that will allow her and her associate to continue the war against Arthur Frobisher. In the midst of all this, she receives a mysterious threat at her office that seems it could test her limits. And if that isn't enough, Patty also has to deal with her out-of-control son. Meanwhile, Ellen continues to struggle with the demands of her new job at Hewes and Associates. With her boss doubting the way she organises her priorities, Ellen finds herself having to make an important decision at the expense of attending her own engagement party.

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Jesus, Mary And Joe Cocker Tastes Like A Ho Ho

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