Arthur Frobisher Portal
Arthur Frobisher
First appearance Get Me a Lawyer
Last appearance The Next One's Gonna Go In Your Throat
Cause/reason Season End
Portrayed by Ted Danson
Episode count

A charismatic multi-billionaire, Frobisher is accused of selling his own company down the river, dumping his stock for a bundle and leaving his employees penniless. He walked out of a government trial with a "not guilty" verdict, but now faces Patty Hewes in a civil trial. A family man, Frobisher claims to be innocent of all charges, though has shown himself capable of large-scale manipulation and dirty tricks in order to try to sabotage the case against him. During season one, Frobisher's second wife begins a relationship with another man and files for divorce. Frobisher learns of the filing shortly before his scheduled deposition at Hewes and Associates where he becomes enraged, makes several outbursts and then walks out of the deposition. Frobisher was shot by a former employee in the last episode of season one.

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