Damages Season 4 Chris

Played by Chris Messina.

A former high school friend of Ellen Parsons, Sanchez was a decorated soldier before signing up to work with High Star Security Corporation. Deeply traumatized by his most recent mission in Afghanistan, he's drawn into a web of intrigue when Ellen sets her sights on the company's founder, Howard T. Erickson.

Background Edit

After finishing his contract with the military, Chris signed up to be a private contractor with High Star Security Corporation. He came home in October of 2010 after all of his men were killed on an unsanctioned mission in Afghanistan.

Series Edit

He is sought out by Ellen Parsons who wants to use him for information and as a witness in her case against High Star. Shortly after he gives information to Ellen he is persuaded into returning to Afghanistan to work for High Star again. While over there Ellen continues to pursue her case against the company. When the judge requires a personal statement from Chris, they hold a friend of his at gun point while he purgers himself on skype - which is unknown to everyone back home. They then lock him up for months with the intent to kill him. Ellen agrees to settle out her case against High Star in exchange for his safe return when she finds out from a reporter stationed in Afghanistan that his murder has been set up. Right before the final exchange Patty ruins it by creating another case against the company but Chris escapes.

Later on Chris & Ellen get back together and seem to be living together for most of the 5th season. During which he provides a leak to Channing McClaren about how the military are sending unfit soldiers with severe PTSD back to the sandbox on medications that cause many negative side affects. Including friendly fire, unprovoked hostility, and even worsening their PTSD. He even goes to the old grief counseling group Ellen used to attend. Chris is Ellen's rock in the final season of the series.