Gregory Malina is a consultant,with whom Katie Connor had a one-night stand in Florida, and who has critical information needed for Patty's case. The one-night stand he had with Katie resulted in a pregnancy, which she had terminated, which he was there for but afterwards they lost contact due to Katie's own admission that she was really messed up at the time.Katie claims to Patty that she has not have seen him for five years but they reconnect in NYC, begin a relationship, in which he feeds her false information about himself (that he is now married), and about the night they were together, and tells Katie of a false identity of the person they saw Frobisher with in Florida, in order to avoid having to testify himself. Despite his scheme, Patty locates him, but thanks to rival lawyer Ray Fiske, he has gone into hiding, rather than risk being killed for the information he knows. Shortly after coming out of hiding, Malina met with Katie and made a videotape about the law suit. While walking Katie Connor's dog, Cocoa, Malina was hit by a car and killed instantly. He also left a substantial amount of money to Katie.