Portrayed by Wendy Moniz

Jill burnham

Jill Burnham was the girlfriend of Michael Hewes. She is the biological mother of Catherine Hewes.

Series Edit

Jill Burnham started dating Michael Hewes after he started working for her at her gallery. Soon after his mother finds out about the two of them, she kicks Michael out and he moves in with Jill. Several months later we find out she is pregnant with his child.

Late in her pregnancy she accepts $500,000 from Patty on the term that she leaves Michael. She uses the money to buy Michael a car and put a down payment on a new apartment. Shortly after Patty has her arrested for statutory rape, seeing as Michael was only 17 when the child was conceived. This lands her in prison and as soon as her child is born Patty takes custody of her because Michael has disappeared. (This is a mistake in the show, as in the state of New York the legal age of consent is 17. In real life she would not be liable for criminal charges.