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Katie Connor
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Cause/reason Season End
Portrayed by Anastasia Griffith
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Ellen Parsons' best friend and David Connor's sister, Katie is a vivacious enterprising young chef who is opening her first restaurant. However, it is soon revealed she has a past that includes drug abuse, and she was working as a chef at the resort where Arthur Frobisher was staying on the night he allegedly ordered the sale of his stock in his corporation. Frobisher also just happened to mysteriously offer to bankroll her new restaurant. Despite signing a non-disclosure agreement, Katie agrees to testify against Frobisher when Patty confronts her about what she may have seen. But Katie is not the one Patty is really after: it's Gregory Malina, whom Katie had a one-night stand with. After she is deposed, Frobisher revokes her restaurant funding for violating the non-disclosure agreement, and she then angrily leaves New York City, returning four months later to identify her brother's dead body.