Michael hewes

Portrayed by Zachary Booth

Michael Hewes is the son of Patty Hewes and Daniel Purcell, but considers his stepfather, Phil Grey, to be his father. He is also the biological father of Catherine Hewes.

Background Edit

Not much is revealed about his childhood before the series. He was raised by his mother & stepfather the majority of his life. Seems to have been quite the trouble maker and blames his mother for all his mistakes due to her strict and uncaring ways when she raised him and how she put her career over him when he was growing up. He was last seen on season 5 when he was shot and killed when he and Patty were in a custody battle over his daughter, Catherine Hewes.

Series Edit

Introduced to the series early on. He seems to be extremely rebellious and entitled. Quite adept with technology as well. After mailing his mother a grenade in a box, his mother has him removed from society and put into a technology free boot camp of sorts. He is there for a month when his mother comes to visit him and to make the decision on whether he should continue staying there. At which time he states that he wants to stay. Not sure what to do with him anymore she offers him emancipation papers and offers to cut all ties.

Michael ends up returning home and doing much better. He works at an art gallery where he gets into a relationship with the owner, Jill Burnham. She is 15 years his senior and when introduced to his parents Patty does not approve. She eventually kicks him out and he moves in with Jill. Shortly after Patty sees him again and he states that he is doing well with a new office job and that Jill & him have broken up. We find out later that this is false and that Jill is pregnant with his child. Patty eventually finds out and offers Jill money to leave Michael, which at first she refuses. Michael asks his mother about chromosomal family history for the medical tests for their unborn child. He also orders a paternity test to prove to his mother that it truly is his child. Shortly after Jill pretends to accept Patty's offer to leave Michael for $500,000. But in truth she uses to the money to buy Michael a car and put a down payment on a new apartment. Patty then uses the conception date on the medical tests to show that the child was conceived before Michael was 18, sending Jill to jail while 8 months pregnant. Michael then drives a car into Patty's car and then disappears.

After spending 3 years, first in Boston & then other unknown locations, Michael returns to seek custody of his 3 year old daughter Catherine so he can be a father to her and believes Patty will hurt Catherine like she hurt him when he was growing up. Patty has legal custody of her and refuses to let Michael see her. This ensues a custody battle in which Ellen Parsons becomes a witness against Patty Hewes. The case is postponed because of conflict of interest while the two face off in court. During this time Lyle Hewes, Michael's maternal grandfather, comes out of the wood work to try and convince Michael to get Patty to sign off her half of the rights to his land.

Soon Patty hires an assassin to kill Ellen so she can still maintain custody of Catherine, but instead he ends up killing Micheal instead, causing Patty to be devastated as she lost her only son from something that was her fault. It is unclear what happened to Catherine after Micheal's death, but it can be assumed since Patty was a suspect in hiring an assassin to murder Ellen she lost custody of Catherine.