Phil Grey played by Michael Nouri on "Damages."

Phil Grey, played by Michael Nouri, is Patty Hewes' ex husband and the male-guardian to Michael Hewes, the son of Patty Hewes and Daniel Purcell. 

Season One

Phil Grey was Patty Hewes' husband and Michael's male-guardian. Grey often travels and works for the government. Throughout the series, the audience discovers that Grey often has sexual relations with women during his travels. However, it appears that Patty is fully aware of Phil's sexual relationship with other women, however it appears that she is upset that he was "sloppy enough to get caught" which leads to her public humiliation by the press, ultimately resulting in their splitting up.

Season TwoEdit

Phil Grey also portrayed by Michael Nouri plays a role in Season Two. He is seen discussing matters with -- because of his occupation in the government. Phil is manipulated by an old friend, Dave Pell, who is secretly scheming with Walter Kendrick, the CEO of Ultima National Resources. Phil is convinced to apply for a position in Congress and to purchase stock in UNR, which causes trouble for Patty Hewes as she has a case against UNR and this ultimately damages her case.

Phil and Patty fight through their divorce, with them both wanting rights over their apartment. Eventually Phil agrees to release the house into Patty's name, but asks her in exchange to consider re-starting their relationship - before being put down by Patty, as he was a "good father for Michael" but that she didn't need him anymore, or want him.

Late Seasons Edit

Not much is known about him after finalizing his divorce with Patty. But he is seen again having a play date with his newborn child and Catherine. He is remarried and newly a father & shows his worries about Michael's continued disappearance. He tries to convince Patty to find him.