Tastes Like a Ho Ho
Episode no. Season 1

Episode 4

Written by Mark Fish
Directed by Lawrence Trilling
Original airdate August 14, 2007

While down in Florida for business, Katie partied the night away in one of Florida's hippest nightclubs and saw something she shouldn't have: Frobisher with an unknown man in a parking lot. That one night, five years ago, has left Katie right in the center of the class-action lawsuit. If Katie correctly identifies the man with Frobisher, Patty will have sufficient reason to continue litigation. Bravely, Katie decides to testify and turn Patty's case around. Unwittingly, she relies on Gregory Malina, a married man who was partying with her that night, to tell her the name of the man with Frobisher. As Katie gives her deposition, Frobisher's lawyer Ray Fiske burns her on the spot. However, it isn't what Katie saw in the parking lot that is of importance but what she may have seen later that night. Meanwhile, Ellen and David find it hard to make time for each other and get into an altercation over Katie's involvement in the Frobisher case. David also suddenly finds himself tempted by Lila, the grand-daughter of one of his current patients.

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