Damages Wes

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(Warning Spoilers Ahead)

A mysterious loner, Wes Krulik meets Ellen Parsons in grief counseling and quickly becomes both a friend and confidante. Ellen can not deny her attraction to Wes, but she also is not sure how much she can trust him—if at all. Wes was secretly aligned with detective Rick Messer, though surprisingly he refused to hurt Ellen in any capacity, going as far as to kill Messer when he would not listen. Their relationship progressed and eventually ended a few months before the beginning of the third season. He resurfaces in the third season finale after Ellen realizes his connection with the late Rick Messer. Krulik then finds Arthur Frosbisher to advise him to turn himself in for the murder of David Connor. Frobisher refuses and Wes later attempts to kill Frobisher, but decides to turn himself and Frobisher into police custody instead.